Boscombe Surfers

Four young men loved to surf off this pier.
This bench remembers-Lewis Dunton, Peter Happe, James Foy and Simon Smith

Lewis Dunton

Lewis Dunton Surfer, Footballer, DJ and friend to all (especially the lonely or the shy) passed away on February 10th 2005.

He lost his life to carbon monoxide poisoning having taken the embers of a supper bonfire into his tent to keep warm. He was on a beach in Morocco where he was surfing.

Pete Happé

Peter James Happé was a loving, caring man who lived and grew up in Southbourne. He was devoted to his family and friends and lived life to the full. He particularly loved surfing and skateboarding with his friends and shared great memories that still live with us today.

His wife and two children live happily but miss him greatly. His tragic end, a motorbike accident, is still sore to all who knew him but we all celebrate his eventful life. R.I.P. By Molly Happé (Pete’s daughter)

James Alexander Foy

James Alexander Foy was born on January 25th 1976

As a child he was both independent and creative, being fond of drawing and making things, from Lego, Plasticine, old boxes or whatever… a proper Blue Peter Boy. He was a Beaver and then a Cub, learnt to swim in The Dolphin Swimming Club, gained a Brown belt in Shorinji Kempo, played badminton and tennis; he became a member of the Southbourne Tennis Club, and took up golf. He attended Pokesdown Primary School and later Portchester Secondary.