How our QR Memorial codes work

The central feature that makes QR Memories work is the Quick Response (QR) code. The beauty of QR Memories is its simplicity. The majority of people nowadays have access to a smart device which has a QR reader on it. An "app" or application can be downloaded free of charge to most smart devices.

Simply aim the device at the code, placing it between the lines indicated on the screen, and the scanner will read the code and divert directly to the individual page on the QR Memories website. There you can read all about the person who has died, and even see an image of them.

The most important thing is that the QR code does not affect the aesthetics of the memorial. When planning a new memorial, or placing a code onto or near an existing one, we liaise closely with the owner to make sure the code is placed in an appropriate location. It is equally important that the code is cut into a material which is in keeping with the memorial. A further consideration is the longevity of the code because once created, it is vital it can withstand the British weather!

Codes are generally cut into two materials-Granite and Metal. The granite does not have to be black. It can be other colours more in keeping with the stone memorial. The main thing is that the code is provided using two opposing colours, which is why most that we see are black and white. However, it is not essential that the darker of the colours is black. Red granite, blue granite, green granite are all options available to us.

In the case of a metal code, we would generally expect to use a steel plate which carries a black and white or black and silver code on it.

In every case, the granite tablet or metal plate is inserted into the memorial to achieve a flush finish, thus ensuring the beauty of the memorial is not affected. At a size of approximately 1.5 inches square, the code is not intrusive in any way. In the case of our QR markers for trees and shrubs the plate is fitted into a simple wooden or granite plinth which can be pushed into the ground nearby.