John & Joyce Taylor

John Henry Taylor

John Henry Taylor was born John Henry Towle at 11 Marlborough Place, London, England, on 21st January, 1912. He was the youngest child of Arthur Edward Towle and Mabel Ethel Towle (nee Taylor). His father was Manager of the Midland Grand Hotel at St. Pancras Station, part of Europe's biggest hotel empire, the Midland Hotels Group, of which his grandfather, William Towle, was Controller. His parents became estranged while he was quite young and he grew up with his mother, Mabel Ethel Taylor.

Joyce Taylor


Northampton 1912 - 1930

Joyce Winifred Lyne was born in Northampton on the 17th February 1912, the only child of Arthur William Lyne and Rose Jane Lyne (born Hall).